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Life is short. Maximize your time by planning, prioritizing, and living purposefully. Oath's mission is to educate and guide you along the way. Your journey to securing your purpose, wealth, family, and estate awaits.

And the journey is the reward.

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“ knowledgeable and personable, and not only were many of my questions answered, but I was shown solutions.”

—Margaret N.

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Giving back.

We provide free estate and financial literacy education in hundreds of venues across 14 states. We're already all in for our communities. But, hey, teamwork makes the dream work! Reach out and let's unite to uplift our groups, clubs, and organizations. Together, we can achieve wonders!

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Estate Planning Clinics for First Responders
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Financial Literacy Workshops for Youth
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Retirement Transition Classes

And, we frequently donate Oath Plans to charity auctions! And we want to do more.

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Our cause.

We're committed to using our platform and influence to help advance critical initiatives in our communities. One of those initiatives is ending the death penalty.

The Oath team understands that as long as the death penalty is accepted, innocent people will be convicted, sentenced to death, and executed with some regularity.

Death punishment disproportionately impacts the impoverished, people of color, and our marginalized population.

Learn more about this important cause and what you can do to join us in making change.

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The Oath team strategizes.

Oath locations.

What is Oath?

Oath was founded by Rod Yancy in 2010 on the idea that recognizing life is short leads to living a better life.

Starting first with estate planning and striving to share the message broadly, Oath sought to make planning accessible to people from all walks of life—not just the wealthiest 1%.

Moving from Rod's kitchen table to one small office, the team grew to a few innovative, creative thinkers who wanted to make estate planning and financial education possible for every community.

Now, Oath has locations nationwide, with more offices opening every year. Our success comes down to one motivating factor: helping people live their best lives.

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