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The death penalty kills innocent people, and to make matters worse, applying the death penalty costs hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars more than simply sentencing someone to life imprisonment.

Death punishment disproportionately impacts the impoverished, people of color and our marginalized population. As some have said, we moved lynching inside from outside and brought them into the courtroom. 

Death punishment fails to deter crime. States that have recently abolished the death penalty observed no significant changes in their crime rates. Some states that have punishment by death in place, have higher crime rates. The reality is that most violent crime is either committed in the heat of passion, when consequences are not considered, or in a premeditated fashion, when the perpetrator believes they will get away with the crime.

The death penalty risks the lives of the innocent, fails to deter crime, and diverts valuable resources that could benefit education, infrastructure, or countless societal-enhancing projects. Where it remains legal, it is an embarrassing symbol of injustice, opposing the principles of effective governance, community unity, transparency, and fairness.

At Oath, our mission is to drive positive change, and we stand firmly against the death penalty, advocating for a more judicious and sensible justice system.

“When even a fraction of those sentenced to death are innocent, then the death penalty, no matter its intentions towards criminals, kills innocent people.”

—Rod Yancy, Oath CEO

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