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Retirement marks the dawn of a new chapter in life—an era where the clock of obligations takes a backseat, and the possibilities stretch as far as your dreams allow. Yet, as the curtain rises on these golden years, one fundamental question emerges: how can we make the most of them?

In this free lesson, we'll embark on a journey to learn how to prioritize the aspirations and ambitions that define our retirement years, and strategies to help you achieve those goals. You can craft a fulfilling retirement by understanding the art of mindful planning and cherishing each moment.

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What it means to maximize moments in retirement
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How to choose the right professional partner to help you on your journey
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A real example of how one family overcame the fear of retirement and found true freedom

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Rod Yancy is the Founder and CEO of Oath. He's an estate planning and investment attorney who believes planning is for everyone—not just the wealthy. That's why he's passionate about educating people on how they can protect and grow the things they've worked hard to earn.

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