Plan for more.

How Oath came to be.

Seeking the idea

Inspired by the ancient Stoic belief that reflecting on your death paves the way to a richer, more fulfilling life, Oath’s founder, Rod Yancy wanted to start a company. Nice thought, but how is that a business? There’s nothing to sell and nothing to buy, they said. And, they really almost convinced him to quit, but Rod didn’t stop, he went back to school.

Law School

Rod entered law school, grinding 90 hours a week reading, writing, stressing, pushed to the brink of depression, navigating complex legal issues and case studies. And, still no business.‍


Rod got in the academic groove and nailed the grades, so he learned probability, people-reading, and money management, playing semi-pro poker – who'd have thought?‍

Fantasy Sports

In 2006 Congress passed a law putting the brakes on banks moving money in and out of online poker sites. The silver lining, the law carved out space for Rod’s first venture: one of the first daily fantasy sports sites. But, how is this helping people? 

Knocked Down But Not Out

Uninspired and with a tight budget and zilch on the marketing front, Rod's little venture got copied and squashed by the big guys. Fortunately, he was spotted by a group of investors and offered a place in a start-up accelerator.

Failing Forward

At the accelerator, Rod and a buddy created an iPhone photo-sharing app named Blurree. Their main rival? An app called Burbn. Well, Burbn got a makeover and rebranded as Instagram. And, you can probably guess which app dominated the market!

Under His Nose The Whole Time

Down but not out, Rod reflected on his entrepreneurial journey. He decided to dust off that law degree, and wondered which legal path to trek. The challenge was to create a business celebrating the idea of living an intentional and purposeful life. Then, boom! The answer was there all along - Estate Planning.

Why Estate Planning

Many people don't like thinking about death, so they don't make plans for their stuff after they're gone. Rod had an idea: if he could help people feel better about life by thinking about its end and also help them make plans for their things, everyone would be happier and more prepared. It's a win-win-win!

What’s in a name

Needing to think quick, Rod used his initials as a placeholder of the firm and RTY Law was born at his kitchen table.

A firm of one

With high hopes of rapid growth, Rod was hit with a reality check: he wrote just six estate plans in his debut year.

Growing the team

Rod believed that doing great things required a great team. As the business picked up, he looked for awesome people to join him. Together they rebranded as Oath, and they grew helping thousands of families across the country.

Why Oath?

When you sign a will or trust you take an oath in front of witnesses, and we take an oath to protect our clients without conflict.

Oath Planning

As more people joined Oath, Rod noticed that many clients had questions about their assets, like investments and insurance. He tried sending them to financial advisors, but Oath clients trust the advice they got. So, Rod asked, "Who can we trust?" The Oath team! That's when he created Oath Planning to give smart advice about money, always keeping his clients' best interests at heart.

Plan For More

Rod saw that when people had one plan for their estate and another for their money, things got tricky. Two different plans creates complications while living and even more difficulty for families later on. But when the two plans are unified into one? Magic! That's what Oath does. It helps people make the most of their money now and ensures their families are taken care of later. All in one place!