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Most young parents believe that estate planning is for your later years — but that’s a misconception that can cost your family deeply.

Protecting your family is your first priority. And since anything can happen at any time, it’s crucial to make plans to care for your children (and your spouse) while you can.

If something were to happen to you today, what would happen to your family? How would they be supported financially? Who would care for your children? Would there be a plan for your children’s future?

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Common misconceptions about estate planning
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The essential documents for family protection and how to create them
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How a lack of planning can result in dire consequences for a young family

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Rod Yancy is the Founder and CEO of Oath. He's an estate planning and investment attorney who believes planning is for everyone—not just the wealthy. That's why he's passionate about educating people on how they can protect and grow the things they've worked hard to earn.

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